Download Manager [Updated 28th August 08]

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Download Manager [Updated 28th August 08]

Post by tanbukhari on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:11 am

Download Manager [Updated 28th August 08]

-- Load up to 5 files simultaneously;
-- Display information about the injection;
-- Dokachka files after cliffs;
-- Tracking Linking the clipboard;
-- Compile a list of references and his editing;
-- Customizable graphical interface;
-- Injection of timer at the right time;
-- Hot keys;
-- Multilingual (Russian and English)

Improvements in the latest version:
-- Added to the Settings-General to include vibrirovanie at the end of downloads (with the availability of fixed PythonPack misty with a module for 9);
-- Added to the Download Options-the ability to specify the size of blocks downloads (parts of the size of the pump ineta) and preservation (how big parts store on disk);
-- Returned to Settings-Load vrzmozhnost Perezapuska with simple (only for iapconnect module with the availability of a module installed PythonPack iapconnect for any axes)
-- Full-screen editing and adding links, name and the referee added hotkey ^ ^ Pressing the joystick - a command function Finish;
-- In the menu item About wrote his cell phone if I want to thank through the terminal
-- Now open and nedokachennye files;
-- The interception of settings-you can specify whether to appear on the interception of communication links after a very interception;
-- In settings-General can do indicate whether the application system that is with the shortage of progress operativy not close (with the availability of fixed PythonPack module with envy for 9).

Requires Python 1.4.4


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