Launch of CellSecure Service

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Launch of CellSecure Service

Post by Gulzar on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:42 am

Dear All,

In line with our commitment to remain the leaders in innovation, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new service CellSecure, for our valued customers. CellSecure enables the users to secure their mobile phones, data and privacy by wiping out, back up and restoration of data even if the handset is stolen. CellSecure is the first service of its kind is offering complete mobile content security.

Service Mechanic:

Application Registration

1. The user will send REG to 50007

2. In reply, WAP link will be sent to user on handset.

3. The user will explore the WAP link and is taken to a page where he/she can download the application

4. If the phone is not supported, user will not be able to download the application (attached is the compatible handset list)

Cellsecure Activation

1. Once the user downloads the application, an activation message is automatically sent and the user is activated with his/her phone number as user name (in the form of 92300xxxxxxx).

2. User is prompted to set the PIN soon after activation. The user uses this PIN to authenticate himself on the client and to login on the website

3. User is informed that he/she has subscribed for 1 day trial and will be prompted to pay when it expires

4. The user is asked to choose a trusted person as buddy this buddy will receive SMS notifications when the SIM is changed and is also sent the temporary PIN when requested by the user (incase the user forgets PIN)


1. On the 2nd day of trial (or the 29th day of subscription), the user is sent an SMS from 50008 that says, Your CellSecure trial/subscription will expire tomorrow. Please reply with Y to this SMS to continue using CellSecure!

2. When the user replies, this reply hits the short code and user is charged Rs. 30 + tax (the charge applied on 50008). This reply is passed to the CellSecure server and we renew the users subscription

3. The user can also directly subscribe at any time by sending any text to 50008 without downloading the trial version.

4. The user cannot reinstall and enjoy another free trial after the trial expires User will be prompted for payment as soon as the account is activated

Phone Locking:

The user can either:

1. Login to and lock the phone OR

2. If user doesnt have web access, he/she can send the following SMS to 50007 to lock the phone. LOCK . Example: LOCK 923001234567 123456 This is a lost phone. Please call me at home to return.

3. Once the phone is locked successfully, the user gets an SMS (from the number he sent the lock) stating that phone is locked successfully.

Data Wipe

The user can either:

1. Login to and wipe the phone OR

2. If User doesnt have web access, he can send the following SMS to 50007 to lock the phone. WIPE . Example: WIPE 923001234567 123456. This wipes the contacts, SMS, calendar, photos, videos and memory card.

3. Once the phone is wiped successfully, the user gets an SMS (from the number he sent the wipe) stating that phone is wiped successfully.

Launch Date: Tuesday, 30th September 2008

Advertising Media: Balance Inquiry, Broadcasts, Website, Print Ads., Leaflets


On net
Post Paid
Pre paid

Subscription fee
Rs. 30 + Tax/ Month
Rs. 30 + Tax/ Month

GPRS usage
As per Package Plan
As per Package Plan

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Re: Launch of CellSecure Service

Post by tanbukhari on Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:14 am


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