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Post by Gulzar on Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:41 pm

Bismillahi errahman errahiim
"And to Allah belongs the Best Names so do du'aa(supplication) by (using) it."

Allahumma(O Allah) we ask You,
You that there is no deity except You,
Ya Allahou,
Ya Rahmanou(O Merciful), Ya Raheemou(O Both-Merciful), Ya Malikou(O Sovereign), Ya Qouddou-sou(O Holy), Ya Salaamou(O Peace), Ya Moueminou(O Believer), Ya Mouhayminou(O Overseer), Ya 'Azeezou(O Mighty), Ya Jabbarou(O Compeler), Ya Moutakabbirou(Superior), Ya khaliqou(O Creator), Ya Bariiou(O Evolver), Ya Mousawwirou(O Fashioner), Ya ghaffaarou(O repeatedly Forgiver), Ya Qahhaarou(O Almighty, Subduer, dominant), Ya Wahhaabou(O Donner, Bestower), Ya Razzaaqou(O Providor), Ya Fattaahou(O Opener), Ya 'Aleemou(O Knower), Ya Qaabidou(O Constricter, Holder), Ya Bassitou(O Expander), Ya khafidou(O Abaser), Ya Rafi'ou(O Elevator), Ya Mou'izou(O Honorer), Ya Mouzilou(O Humiliator), Ya Sami'ou(O Hearing), Ya Bassirou(O Seeing), Ya Hakamou(O Judge), Ya 'Adlou(O Just, Fair), Ya Latifou(O Subtle), Ya khabirou(O Acquainted), Ya Halimou(O Clement), Ya 'Azeemou(O Great), Ya Ghafourou(O Forgiving), Ya Shakourou(O Thanking), Ya 'Aliyou(O High), Ya Kabirou(O Great/Big), Ya
Hafizou(O keeper), Ya Mouqitou (O Appointer), Ya Hasibou(O Sufficient), Ya Jaleelou(O Honoured), Ya Karimou(O Generous), Ya Raquibou(O Watcher), Ya Mojeebou(O Replier), Ya Wassi'ou(O Wide), Ya Hakimou(O Wise), Ya Wadoudou(O Beloving), Ya Majeedou(O one of Glory, Ya Ba'ithou(O Resurrector, sender), Ya Shahidou(O Witness), Ya Haqqou(O Truth), Ya Wakilou(O Dispoer of affairs), Ya Qawiyyou(o Powerful), Ya Matinou(O Strong), Ya Waliyyou(O Ally, friend), Ya Hamidou(O one who is Praised), Ya Mohs-see(O Counter), Ya Moubdi-ou(O Starter, originator), Ya Mou'iidou(O returner, rebringer back), Ya Mohyii(O causer of life), Ya Moumeetou(O causer of death), Ya Hayyou(O Living), Ya Qayyoumou(O Sustainer), Ya Wajidou(O existor, causer of existing, finder), Ya Majidou(o briner of glory), Ya Wahidou(O One), Ya Ssamaddou(O Refuge), Ya Qaadirou(O Able), Ya Mouqtadirou(Capable), Ya Moqaddimou(O advancer), Ya Mouakh-khirou(O Retarder, delayer), Ya Awwalou(O First), Ya
Akhirou(O Last), Ya Zaahirou(O Appearing, Manifested), Ya Batinou(Insider), Ya Walii(OGovernor), Ya Mouta'aalii(O Haughty)(Osuperior in His Highness), Ya Barrou(O Source of good, righteous), Ya tawwaabou(O acceptor of repentance), Ya Mountaqimou(O Revenger), Ya 'Afouwwou(O Pardoner), Ya Ra'oufou(O Raiser), Ya Malik-al-Moulki(O Owner of Kingdom/sovereignity, Ya Zal Jalaali wal-ikraami(O One of Majestic Honour and bounty/generosity), Ya Moqsittou(equitable), Ya Jaami'ou(O gatherer), Ya Ghaniyyou(Free of need, rich, self-sufficient), Ya Moughnii(free-er of need, sufficient for the needs of His servants), Ya Mani'ou(O Preventor), Ya Ddaarrou(O Causer of harm), Ya Nafi'ou(Causer of benefit), Ya Nourou(O Light), Ya Hadii(O Guide), Ya Badii'ou(O Inventor), Ya Baqii(O Remaining), Ya Warithou(O inheritor), Ya Rashidou(O guide to righteousness) , Ya Sabourou(O One of repeatedly patience),

Jalla Jalaalouk(Dignified is Your Majesty)..
Wa taqaddasat Asmaa-ouka (and Holified are Your names)..
Wa tanazzahat Sifatouka (and Uprighted are Your qualities/attirbutes)..
Wa tawalat 'ala al'alameena alaaouka (and continuosly repeated upon the two-worlds are Your Gifts)..

Exalted are You, You are unattainable by a sens, and not imagined in a mind, Your Self is Holy Old, and Your Attributes are Great and Continual,
O You who is the finder of the things and its creator, and its providor and its merciful, the knower about its outter and inner, its first and its last,
O Lord of the Life and death,
Lord of of the Last and First,
Lord of the Spirits and fleshs,
O Creator of everything and there is nothing (looks)like You,
O You who is with everything and there is nothing with You,

Your self is much honoured than being attained, and Your attributes are greater than being fully-understood, You produced the existance from no-thing, so it wad for You the Oldness, without that there be before You something nor after You someone..
You are with us wherever we are, not by the transferance into the fleshs, we are nothing but a production of Your ability, and the brain is nothing but an abundance of Your favors upon us, We are not You and You are not us, and You are not the brain and the brain is not You, The creatures about understanding Your self are unable,

Exalted are You, You that the describors cannot attains the description of His qualities,
You bestowed upon us the vision and the vision cannot attains/reach You, and You bestowed upon us with insight and the insight cannot deny You,
The Spirit does not encompass You cause it is just from the wonders of Your affair,
and the brain will not reach You cause it is from the preservance of Your secret,

The Creatures are Yours, the angels are Your soldiers, The Spirit is from Your affairs,
Your name is Blessed, Your Knowledge encompassed, your Decree was advanced, Your decision is executed/performed..

O You who is the counter of the things in weight and number, height and width, nearness and farness, light and darkness, places and time.. O you who is the Creator of what we see and what we do not see.. Ya Allah.

You are the Light which is old eternal appearing High whih is the source of all lights.. and it is You the Holy the exalted the Remainful the High in Mighty and Honour and generosity..

Each thing by You is walking in the origin of Your decree, by Your Willing and Wisdom.

O Allah who bestowed Upon the Sprirt the remaining.. and upon the sun with the light.. and upon the skies with the water.. and upon the brains the clearity.. and upon the hearts the agreeing..

You filled the lovers with lights.. and You made of the green tree fire.. You created from the small seed the high palms and the gardens.. by Your favors the plants will grow up and the flower will be opened nd the fruits become fresh.. and by Your subtlty the flowers are perfumed...
O Creator of worlds and its originator, its owner and its responsible.. O Lord of Light and shine..
O You who owns the Greatness which is higher than to be attained..
O Creator of the flesh in a best example..
You created so You invented.. and You fashioned so You well fashioned..

That is Your traces in the life of Your Beings(creatures) so How about You in the Greatness of Your Highness!

That is our life which is going to an end..
so how about our Last which is eternal!

Exalted are You, our attainments is not promoted(advanced) to the origin of Your meanings.. O you who is beyond the understanding and guessings(assumptions) and fancy and imaginations.. You are High with subtlity and justice.. and You gave us with kindness and generosity..

There is nothing at me that You do not know for that i tell You about it..
and there is nothing hidden from You for that i show it in front of You..
Exalted are You in Your Highness, Exalted are You.
You did not created something by mistake or uselessly.. and You did not leave something for the chances or agreement ever..
Here are the apparent/evidence of the reasons as a lesson to the ones with brains.
There is no atom in Your universes which is empty from the greatness of Your conquerance and Ability..
O You who is free of need(self sufficient) from Your creatures while Your creatures- even the deniers of them- from Your favours and bounties..
O you whi is appearing in His non-appearance.. O You who is non-appearing(hidden)(inner) in His appearance.. O You who is inventor in His Fabrications.. O You who that His subtlity is hidden.. O You who is painful in His takes.. O You who is severe(strong) in punishing..

High are You my Deity from the sayings of the atheist.. and Pure are You my Lord than the descrptions of the describors.. and Holy are You my Chief from the wrong understandings of the thinkers.. and Away are You my Ally from the imaginations of the ones with fancies.

O Allah i ask You with with Your Great Self the Single that there is nothing as like it.. and by Your qualities which is honoured and old-eternal.. and by the reality of the position of its measure.. and by what is in Your names from wonders which uneasy to be explained..
by the movement of the stars in its precise walks, and by the exaltings of the angels in their maximum fear, and by the humbles of the angels in their great hope,
By Your secret that by which the spirits accompagne the frames of the fleshs.. by what in Your earth from creatures that you knows its number,
and by what is beyond the origins from views that we have no knowledge about,
by the vision of the righteous servants and its unseen world,
and by the spirits which is falling in love with You in the stations of its tastes,
by the selves which are trustful to You in the inner of their emotions(love),
by the brains which are knowing You in the awakness of their mornings, By the insights which are enlightened by You in its complete approachnes/nearness,,
by the thoughts which are related to You in its safe thoughts,, by the tears of Your lovers in the bottom of its running,
by the gentle/tender voices of Your creatures and their perfect beauty,
by the songs of the birds in the happiness(intoxication) of its intuition(inner conscious)..
By the good words on the road of its ascendance..
By the secret of Quranic recitation and its sent down..

By Your oldness, by Your remaining, By your existance By Your Generosity.. By Your great throne and what is covering from light.. and by Your generous Chair and what it encompassed from secrets.. By the preserved slate and what is in it..
by the baiyt el ma'moor and its visitors.. by the screens/veils which cause burnings, and by the veils/screens of shining secrets ..

I call/ask You my Lord..
By the shining of Your Face and the Light of Your Sobohaat, By Your Name the light that from which all lights shined.. by the greatness of Your names, and the highness(high above being compared with the creatures) of Your qualities..
By Your swear in You Book, By the majestic of Your beauty, and by the perfection of Your superiority.. By what is hidden from the eyes.. by what was in the non-ability of the thoughts and minds to imagine..
By the inner and what has appeared..
and by the appearance and what was hidden..
by the covenants and promises, by the enlightened characters between the lines.. by Your name which is preserved that from which the Universe and Place was formed..
by Your establishment on the Throne where there is no time nor place..
by what You said to the skies and earth so thye said we came obedient..
By Your names the greater the great that by which You arranged the affairs in Your skies and earth..
By what was included in the supplies of Your messngers and prophets and Your special ones and Your chosen..

by what is included in the exalting of Your angels and the servers of Your Chair and the carrier of your Throne..
by the Ability by which You raised up the sky and by Your greatness that by which You expanded the earth on the elements of water and air..
By Your mercy which is wider than all the things..
By Your good word that by which You call the spirits after the destructions of their bodies.. so You turn in it back to the frames of its bodies..

By the manifestation of the names in the life of the beings.. and by the appearance of the qualities in the verses..
By Your preserved Name that you do not reject whoever asked you by it in supply..
By Your name which is exalted and holy and holified the most holy ..the high the good the clear the clean the pure the purified..

That You make Your Face our direction, and Your love our desire(target).. So we do not request except You.. and we do not hope except You.

wa salla Allahou 'ala al mab'outhou rahmatan lel'alameen sayidina Muhammad wa 'ala aali wa sallam.
walhamdoulellahi rabbil'alameen.

It is my request to you all friends that kindly keep remember me in your DUAA.[/size][/size]

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Post by tanbukhari on Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:22 pm

Thats the best post ever.
Thanks a lot Gulzar and keep posting

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